Developed by: Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.

The Instrument

The TAIS is a 144 item paper and pencil inventory that requires about twenty five minutes to complete, and can be taken by anyone with an 8th grade reading level. Normative data is available on a variety of groups including, adolescents, college students, business executives, male and female athletes, and police.

Research Based and Performance Relevant

Based on over twenty years of research examining the relationship between attentional processes, physiological arousal, and performance, TAIS Inventory measures:

1. Awareness of the environment and the ability to react quickly.
2. External (environmental) distractibility.
3. Analytical skill, the ability to problem solve and plan.
4. Internal distractibility.
5. Focused concentration and follow through.
6. Attentional inflexibility, the failure to shift attention to task relevant cues.
7. Behavioral Impulsivity.
8. Need for control and willingness to assume a leadership role.
9. Self-esteem.
10. Intellectual assertiveness.
11. Extroversion.
12. Introversion.
13. Speed of decision making.
14. Confrontiveness and expression of anger.
15. Expression of positive feelings and support.

Application in High Performance Situations and Team-building

TAIS has been used extensively in selection, screening, and training of individuals who must perform effectively in demanding situations. Most widely used in sports, TAIS has been helpful in the evaluation and training of high school, college, Olympic, and professional athletes around the world. TAIS is being used in the selection and training of police officers, military personnel, business managers, sales personnel, ministers, and health professionals.

Used by a trained professional, TAIS provides information about concentration and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses. This information is helpful in developing individualized performance enhancement programs, as well as for team building within organizations. When used by a clinically trained individuals, TAIS can help identify underlying conflicts that may be keeping clients from achieving their full potential.

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