The EPS Approach

What Is Different About EPS's Approach to the Identification and Development of Talent?

In contrast to other performance enhancement programs, EPS emphasizes two things;

1) The assessment of concentration skills and abilities that are the building blocks of successful performance;
2) The assessment of person specific environmental and interpersonal situations that interfere with the individual's ability to concentrate appropriately, under pressure.

EPS understands and is able to assess the mental and interpersonal skills that separate winners from losers, at the highest levels of performance, when everything is riding on the outcome.

We help organizations identify and develop people who:

· Are capable of controlling concentration skills, and emotions under highly stressful conditions.
· Can learn quickly, and have the level of energy, competitiveness, commitment, and dedication required for success in extremely competitive environments.

EPS's assessment technology and "in the trenches" experience and expertise allow us to:

·Identify the conditions under which a given individual will and will not perform well.
· Get at the root cause of any difficulties a person may be having, and help to determine the likelihood, and/or ease with which the person can make desired changes.

Assessment Is accomplished By:

· Identifying the concentration demands and interpersonal skills required by a particular job or situation, a process we refer to as " mission profiling " .
· Administering the Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory to gather information about an individual's ability to concentrate, and to also generate predictions about the conditions under which the individual will, and will not, perform effectively.
· Using behavioral interviewing techniques to collect any additional evidence needed to determine, the accuracy of our predictions regarding both performance under pressure, and the ease with which needed behavioral changes can be accomplished.
· Identifying the costs and benefits associated with various developmental plans, and then designing and implement that plan which provides the best short term and long term solution.
· TAIS and the theory explaining the relationship between concentration skills, emotional arousal, and performance, are at the foundation of every EPS program.

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